Fletcher Avenue Under Construction

Fletcher Avenue (between Bruce B. Downs and Nebraska) is under construction and approaching completion.  Fletcher Avenue will be transformed into the county’s first Complete Street Project to significantly improve the safety of pedestrians commonly found crossing the road.

Fletcher Rendering

The design developed by David Conner + Associates will enhance public awareness of the pedestrian nature of the road, provide increased signage and mid-block crossing opportunities, and provide low maintenance high visibility plantings through the use of a very low water usage palette of plant material including Prickly Pear Cactus, Agave, Perennial Peanut and Coontie.

Fletcher Avenue

The “Gateway” feature designed by David Conner symbolizes a pedestrian crosswalk attendant with outstretched arms, calling to drivers entering the pedestrian corridor to be aware of the pedestrian nature of the road. Mid-Block crossings provide safe havens for pedestrians to safely wait for an ideal road crossing opportunity.