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Creating Sustainable Designs That Last

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At David Conner + Associates, Inc. we believe that sustainable design is integral to creating quality outdoor spaces. DC+A makes the natural beauty mesh with a realistic, maintainable design that continues to fit the environment. When clients understand the long term scope of growth and change, they’ll perpetually enjoy a beautiful project. Although sustainable design is potentially more expensive in the initial stages, the benefits are infinitely more realized in the years to come.
DC+A collaborated with civil engineers from Heery Design to complete a bioswale design for the Harrell Medical Education Building at the University of Florida College of Medicine in Gainesville, Florida. The bioswales actively work to control storm water runoff on the grounds and filtrate the runoff. Storm water is purposefully diverted from the passenger drop-off and courtyard areas into the bioswales where it irrigates the bioswale and its plants, which in turn filters out debris and pollutants from the water. The excess water then drains into the storm water system. The bioswale helps the University of Florida manage the runoff of storm water into the larger storm water management system.

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