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UF’s Heavener Hall Approaching Completion

Cast Bronze GatewayFriday, the University of Florida will officially dedicate the new Heavener Hall building. We at David Conner + Associates (DC+A) are very proud to be a part of the Heavener Hall School of Business project  as part of the SchenkleShultz/RAMSA architectural team. Our work emphasizes the building’s important location within the Historic District of the campus. We collaborated with the architectural team and the University on the design of a new Gateway at University Avenue and 13th Street, an outdoor courtyard framed by Heavener and Bryan Hall, an outdoor dining café/courtyard entry, and all other landscape design surrounding the building. As UF’s Heavener Hall approaches completion we decided to give a little insight on the construction and our design influences.

First is our Sketchup Model of the entry gateway. Followed by the in progress photo of the gateway as of October 29th, 2014.

Heavener School of Business

Heavener Gateway

The seal of the University will sit in front of this cast iron, stone, and brick entrance into the University of Florida Campus.  The angular shape of the pilasters are reflecting the Heavener Hall structure as well as the historic brick and limestone buildings throughout the campus.

DC+A also took inspiration from the historic wall of University Avenue in the design for the lower walls of the entry gateway.

University Avenue

The inspiration for the lower walls can be seen on the historic University Avenue.


Heavener entry gateway wall

We also wanted to include a sneak peak of the courtyard.

Heavener Courtyard

We look forward to the #heavenerhome dedication on Friday and of course, GO GATORS!